We support creativity in any and all forms and encourage others to explore their own.


We support creativity in any and all forms and encourage others to explore their own.

Our Books

A Girl in the World and A Boy in the World books are designed to empower children by raising their awareness of their voice and their right to speak up and speak out. To equip them with the knowledge that they have the power to effect positive change in their world, because being a girl in the world, being a boy in the world, shouldn’t be so hard. The colourful images and simple text are conversation starters, between the reader and their imagination, between children of all ages, and between children and adults. 10% of every book sold supports Orphfund

Our Workshops

Our story telling and creating workshops provide a space where children, and adults, feel free to create, tell and share their own stories. Creating, telling and sharing stories is a powerful way for children of all ages, and the child within, to embrace their uniqueness, express their voice, their thoughts and feelings about themselves, their lives, and the world around them.

Our Art

Artist and illustrator, Melanie Lee, is selftaught. Mel creates from her art studio on a farm in Northern NSW. We exhibit throughout the year. Original artworks, prints and commissioned works are available. Mel can create a unique portrait of a loved one from a photograph – the perfect gift to commemorate a moment in time or milestone or to create a treasured family heirloom.

Our Philosophy

Our approach focuses on the development and delivery of products that create opportunities for cross generational and cross cultural conversations, opportunities to bring traditionally ‘taboo’ subjects such as child physical and sexual abuse into the mainstream dialogue, so that the warning signs and signals will be more obvious and to help those suffering abuse to raise their voice. We do this through our books, workshops, social media and artworks. We do this because we know it works.

The CK Blog

Our Customer Love Us

Read the reviews of some of our Customers.

‘This book is a great book. The drawings are so realistic. When I first looked at the book, I thought that it would be about a lonely girl in a gigantic world. But actually it is such a nice calm expressing book. I reckon that book could be for any age from when you can read to an adult. All up I LOVE this book because it makes you sometimes feel happy, sad, annoyed, alone, embarrassed and hopeful.’

Year 6 student

"My copy of A Girl In The World arrived today and it is magical - I look forward to reading it to my little girl in the world (one month old Isabella) and telling her all about the amazing author Melanie Lee!"

Jac B Crimson Campaign

"Thank you" Melanie Lee, that's all I can say from the bottom of my heart " Thank you". X

A Girl In The World Fan